'Fleshy and Minty Birds'.

Project Brief.

For a while, I have been producing paintings that are as far removed from my current work as possible. I use anatomically correct drawings of birds to crudely draw out an image, and paint over using acrylic. The main thing about these works are that they are quite meaningless and gesture driven. However, their driving force is the colours that I use: flesh colour and minty green. For me this is a very different side of my artwork, and I like to see my current art practice and this series as separate. This is commercial and purely for promotional reasons. However, it is interesting for me to explore this- it is a way of getting my name known and my art promoted which I think is important at this stage of my practice.

As a method, I initially sketch out the bird on A3 card using a heavy, large pencil. I then use a large paint brush to fill them in, highlighting the texture of the paint with large strokes. The result is a flesh coloured bird - figurative yet abstract. They are playful, in an almost caricaturist style.

The reason why I am fascinated by these colours, is that they are somehow quite bodily and repulsive. I like the idea of the bird being recognisable, yet out of place. The paintings seem indescribable and somehow uncanny yet aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

I produced a triptych on A6 card for the final images for the commission, and framed them with a simple white frame with cream mounts, to fit the interior of the cafe.

From this process I have learnt about the presentation of work - when it is meant for a commercial space there are completely different decisions that I make. This is because it is meant for a wider audience - I had to think about the space of a cafe, where customers sit and drink coffee and eat brunch. All of this I had to consider without compromising the integrity of the artwork. I also got a chance to make contacts and show my artwork in a different context than a studio, something that I feel has been a good experience for me. In the future, I would like to keep these series' separate from my artistic practice, and I do think it is good to have lots of running projects alongside a main practice- I am still learning how to use paint and how to draw and feel that this feeds into my future artistic ideas.

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